Emphasis on the L (heartx) wrote,
Emphasis on the L

mini update of life

i just got back from the transfer aliance program (tap) ucla trip. my goodness was it quite an experience. let me sum it up...

i got there the thursday night. will was going to be playing at the Festival of African American Music's presentation of Latin Jazz, Afro Latin, and the Avant-Garde. there were some big names but i'm not really into names when it comes to jazz. except for faddis who is an amazing trumpet player. he pretty much owned the show. will had a co-solo part with the grammy-nominated head of ethnomusicology dept. and i also got to witness a somewhat "epic" performance by the composer of the starwars theme along with the ucla jazz kids. it was pretty insane. i had a good time. afterwards, i went to the town area in westwood, i believe, and got some frozen yogurt with oreos! mmm.

the next day i had my honors program ordeal. i am officially in love with the ucla campus. unlike 90% of la, ucla is so clean and taken care of. beautiful. 2 things that made me fall in love:

1. their great honors program. the classes average 12-15 kids. sometimes as high as 20. never more. such a relief!
2. their gym. they have everything you could ever hope for. so beautiful. i love it. i can't fucking wait.
3. their math/econ joint major (excellent prep for graduate econ) and psych minor. i am... in heaven?
4. the campus activities

the one thing i AM concerned about is the possibility of me getting sucked into la after graduation. heaven forbid. if i do go to ucla, i will make a concious effort over the summer to come back to the bay ant network through internships in the sf-area.

that night, we went to see the last second of the festival's rap/hiphop/spoken word ordeal and witnessed some crazy breakdancers. then we went to party like nothing else. i looove the college scene. you can walk to anywhere and everywhere. parties are abundant. practicaly everyone is college-aged so no worries of noise level, etc. the two years of college after the jc are going to be nice nice nice. exciting learning and exciting night life.

plus, soon after i transfer is 21-time. la clubs, galore! can we say... yay?

so ucla is a mighty good choice for me as i already know bunches of people. no worries of mixing self into crazy big campus of strangers. and im sure even if that was the case, i wouldnt have a problem. everyone is mighty chill. "you can make a big campus small but you can't make a small campus big." i love the school. it is definately going to be a tough choice if&when it comes down to ucla v.s cal.
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